Born to win program has increased my self-esteem and confidence. I am more communicative, more relaxed & self-assured. I am managing my time as I am strictly following the To Do Activity List and have implemented a system where following up is eliminated. Quality in output has increased & I am able to meet stringent demands of customers.

– GNV Subba Rao, ABB

The results after the training program were amazing. Our entire team of second line is charged up and has now started involving themselves in the growth of self and company. They have become more positive and have learnt to grow confidence in their decision making. They have also become more accountable for their work. The money spent on them is more than recovered in just a matter of 1 month. All further benefits are profit.

– Sunil Baglani, Neri Engineering

The following results were caused by the ignition provided by BTW: Over a period of four months: In five Divisions, the Quality improved by 7 to 58% and the Productivity by 17 to 87%. Over a period of 15 months: In the five Divisions, the Quality improved by 73 to 97% and the Productivity by 31 to 181%.

– P Mukund, Igarishi Motors

Winning To Lead

We are providing personal productivity program in India to lead in the organization. The intervention is designed for managers and above. The effective leadership development program helps them by increasing personal productivity improvement in the organization to work more, better, faster and in an easier way.

Winning to Lead  is the Best program for leadership training in India. This program is designed for the Supervisory level and below. These individuals will be called on to play a key role in the future and have to learn to move forward in their work area.

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What People Say

Customer is very happy as I have started creating collaterals in order to present to the customer and my manager is happy as I managed to submit the required presentation in time.

– S Nagaraja Kowshik, ITC Infotech

I have re-organized my work in week schedule & completed 80% and rejection & rework level’s are reduced from 1% & 10% respectively

– Sanjay Haribhat, Sansera Engineers

More focussed on completing important tasks increased the efficiency by reducing time-waster and prioritizing important activities. Group activities resulted in some positive actions for the company.

– Piyush Kulshreshtha, TeleDNA

Able to meet upto 90%  customers requirement compared to earlier 70%. By planning able to achieve daily production requirement upto 90%. Able to solve customer complaints by giving awareness to subordinates.

– Sirajuddin, ACWA Automatics

I am more positive and confident. I have become more customer focused.  Earlier there was procrastination. Now there is no time for procrastination at all. I am sorting customer problems and reduced response from 7 days to 2 days.

– Ratul Sood, Toyota Kirloskar Motors

I have been able to build relationships by respecting others decisions and this has made me a more acceptable person and I am really happy about it.

– V J Johnson, GRT Grand

Getting the entire team onto the same page as helped me to work better therefore improvement is there.

– Aparna, AXA

I am getting more confidence, started doing work in a proper planned way; one of our supplier productivity getting improved due to systematic team work.

– Partha Chatterjee, Marks & Spencer

This program is Introspective and I am more passionate, Clarity of thought has helped me in my follow up on tasks and it has become better.

– Shankar Dhanrajani, Reliance Trends