Industry – Car Manufacturer

Industry – Car Manufacturer
Challenge – Engineers and Officers of Grade 6 cadre to be upgraded from Learner to Practitioner in the areas of Customer Focus, Planning and Organizing, Improvement Orientation, Result Orientation, Learning and Change Orientation


Outcome – After the intervention, participants started focusing on the customer centric approach which helped them to improve and see results


I have become more customer focused.  Earlier there was procrastination. Now there is no time for procrastination at all. In fact I received praise from customer and I feel happy. My planning has improved therefore results are on time, stress has come down. I have become more conscious of how I spend time.
– Ratul Sood, Officer

With the help of the Born to Win tools, I am able to finish my report 2 days in advance earlier I would do it without planning and then I would delay. Now I have understood the importance of managing activity.
– Arjun, Engineer

Earlier our delivery was 75% we took the target of 80%, no such initiative was taken before and we could achieve 82% success rate, so we feel great.
– Avik, Engineer

There was a problem of scratches on the mirror which has been there for more than a year. Our team of 6 people took this issue and used the learnings of Born to Win and were able to solve the issue. We found that the scratches were due to the packing material so the corrective action was taken and we feel happy about it
– Amol, Officer