As learnt from the training, more empowerment, collaborative approach will be implemented in the team – Ensuring a big turnaround. Focusing on continuous improvement in terms of new regulations, technology and others which add values to the company’s business

– Rajesh Gopinath, RMZ

I have learnt Impact of communication, Team work, working on strengths & opportunities. I felt good connecting with team and Understanding Team members better.

– S Mohanraj, The Manipal Group

The best part of the entire program was Team work. Understood the nuances of Delegating the work and Appreciating a team member. It opened my mind to find what other team member needs and to fulfil it.

– Sampathraman, DPK Engineers

Winning Teams

This program is designed for Senior Leadership Teams to increase effective leadership skills. This program helps to get team players to shed the traditional Win-Lose way of thinking and focuses on getting them to approach it from Win-Win by increasing personal leadership development.

Need to align your team with the Vision & Mission of the Organization?

Key Deliverables

To forge a level of bonding that will help individuals in a team to become team players.

To get individual participants to wear “Team Caps” and think of practical solutions that can be implemented at the workplace

To get participants to lower their barriers and open up ensuring a free flow of Communication

To align Leadership to the common vision of the organization

What People Say

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Discovering myself, able to share ideas without thinking what others will say and it was very Helpful. I am able to share my ideas with others.

– Uma Ayyar, Citi Bank

I understood my style of influencing others. I will motivate my team members by creating culture of empowerment. As a team we will work and achieve our goals.

– Vijay Chander, DPK Engineers

Very inspiring program. I learnt how to explore my own strength, weakness & vision which are very important. Also learnt, How to win as an individual & as a team as well and how to focus on the goals and achieve those.

– Nusrat Feredous, Marks & Spencer, Bangladesh

Wonderful program. Got insights about inspired leadership. Great team bonding and there is potential in everybody. My thought process has completely changed. Working towards Win-Win Approach.

– Sudarshan, Reliance Trends

I am feeling Great & 100% charged up to take up all the issues / situation. Understood every person has a hidden leader inside him/her, it’s just that you have to open up & have a positive approach towards your goals later part you will definitely meet the success.

– Gourav Tankha, Marks & Spencer, Delhi

Very interactive. The program was useful bringing some insights that I was unaware of. It also helped me in improvising critical analysis skill. I will make my team perform better by identifying the key areas of improvement and work towards betterment.

– Pradeep Kumar, RMZ

I feel better myself and understand my colleagues very well. I will add up I Can attitude in my life. Will take my team along and achieve the organizational goal.

– Vishnu, Manipal Media

This program helps to be a winner. To make my team perform better I will Motivate and help them in achieving their goals and make sure we’ll work towards company vison and goal

– Anil Kumar, SJR Primecorp