I Can

Earlier I would think only negative and I had fear before I start any work, Think I can has helped me a lot in such situations. My positive thinking has increased my commitment to a great extent and change in routine/daily activities.

- Ramesh Rayala

Anxiety Issues

Being a loner, I never shared anything with anyone, and I was also hesitant to seek help from others. Invariably, what stopped me was a single thought, ‘what will others think if I were to ask for help. The Born to Win sessions, helped me to open up and I started sharing my thoughts with my family members. This enabled me in resolving a 7 years old critical issue in my personal life.

- Ravi Tanneru

Creating A Positive
Work Culture

I notice that I am becoming a more “I Can” person. The 24 Wisdom tools are simply super tools. I am happy to have been a part of this program. I work with internal customers i.e., my team members, the relationship is getting better and now we see more happy environment in the office.

- Gowri Mahesh


Changed the way I took at others. Following activity management matrix, which is easing my day-to-day routines and finding more time to do other activities. Having a roadmap for my goals and monitoring it once a month.

- N Natesh


It’s an enriching program. I am Positive and calmer than before in any crisis situation. I am conscious of my goals. Implemented the “Out of the Box” ideas on my project and was able to reduce the product cost by 20% to 25%.

- H Balasubramani


Personally I am expressing gratitude more often and helping strengthen relationships. Professionally, the effective communication has helped me provide a greater clarity on why/what I except as outcome, more explicit to my team.

- Mukund Krishna

Strengthening of
Group Dynamics

The changes I have noticed in myself after the Born to Win program is I am more confident, more friendly & I have benefited by getting the team together towards success.

- Ajay Srivastav

Collective Leadership

The results after the training program were amazing. Our entire team of second line is charged up and has now started involving themselves in the growth of self and company. They have become more positive and have learnt to grow confidence in their decision making. They have also become more accountable for their work. The money spent on them is more than recovered in just a matter of 1 month. All further benefits are profit.

- Sunil Baglani

Taking Decisive

I am focusing on customer satisfaction and taking immediate counter measures for customer complaints this has improved my productivity by month on month.

- Arase Gowda

18 Years of Experience

Born to Win is an experiential learning process and Entrepreneurship Development Platform that helps participants to transcend the “I SHOULD” level and operate from the “I CAN” level.

Research has clearly shown that individuals, who are ‘I CAN’ people, are people who operate from a very high sense of Self Esteem. They are people who are willing to go the extra mile only because they know they CAN do it.

We have spent the last Eighteen years working with Teams across a wide spectrum of Industries and have developed a process by which Individuals and Teams do More, Faster and Better.

In today’s date, managerial skills are very essential for all professionals in every aspect. People management is one of the top skills needed in today’s workforce. Born to Win provides personal productivity program that helps individuals with talented managers’ experience helps in increasing goals to improve productivity in any organization

As well as the ‘training time management skills’ program provides foundational people-management skills required in business today. We give experiential learning processes and management training programs in India. Our program can help you reach your goals and equip you with the management skills training to face challenges and openings in the organizations.

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