Antar Prerana

Antar Prerana is the process to help you overcome the IDEA-IMPLEMENTATION trap.

It helps ignite the Internal Drive and ENHANCES your PERSONAL EFFECTIVENESS and you achieve your Business GOALS and become a Life Skills Coach .

Are You Ready For The Change ?

It is a self-discovery program. I feel happy about myself. I am able to manage my time efficiently and planning the task ahead helped me to complete that in time. Mr. Venkatesh Krishnan, Director, M V Business Solutions

Start Your Journey With
Our Process

The self-talk that needs to be done daily to enhance your One- Pointedness.

Week 1

Focus on the Significant Action, and not get caught up in issues that will cloud your mind space.

Week 2

Get Teams to pursue effectiveness in Implementation and manage deliverables.

Week 3

Live in the Now and overcome Fear of Failure. Be prepared for the Challenges that can happen.

Week 4

What People Say

Abhay Kumar Jain
Proprietor, Goyam Ceramics


 Born to Win Program is a self-analysis program. Patience level has increased. I say to myself I Can now more frequently. There is a clarity in communication which is helping me to make people understand what I wanted to communicate.

Uma G Reddy, Founder, Hiring Studios


Born to Win program helped me to introspect and change my mindset completely. I could transform myself and be the change that world needs.  I also learned about setting up short and long term goals with a precise roadmap to achieve them. This program had a positive impact on my personal and business life. Thanks to Born to win team for curating such a wonderful program.

Mihir Asher
Business Analyst, Caravan Oil Suppliers

Born to Win program is very inspiring. I am feeling much more productive; Less cluttered; Organized; Calmer and Clear. Achieved my short term goal. I have seen increase in my productivity as I am focusing & breaking down on my goals.

Mr. Pradeep Bijur, Director, PurplStack


This program is enlightening. After attending the program, I have become more aware of things, I am managing my time well and looking for things to be positive. I am able to understand my customer needs better and helped me to give a better solution.

Piyush Shukla,
Head Sales & BD, Svasa Homes


This program is revolutionary. I am able to express myself more clearly and freely now. The program has also helped me to become more aware of myself as an individual. It is transforming at many levels. My productivity and outlook stand enhanced.

Shreya Shetty,
CEO, Shloka Concepts


I have become more confident and started thinking positively. Learned to handle issues in a more systematic way. I am able to finish my pending works and complete my weekly goals. I have become better at time management. I feel now I have the potential to do anything.

Anuroop Ramachandra, Financial Adviser, ProWealth Consultants

Born to Win program is a reprograming of our mind and an eye opener. I am able to focus better. Much more organized and prioritizing my activities. It helped me structure my thoughts better.

Aparna Raaj
Founder, Archangle


When I am in a confused state I think as a winner and kill the dinosaur in my head. Have built an attitude of Think I can, not just keep thinking we need to start working on. We need to sort out things to be done for the day, first in the morning. I have started looking beyond the obvious in my professional life.

Training Slots 1

Day : Wednesday
Week 1 : 15-Dec-21
Week 2 : 22-Dec-21
Week 3 : 29-Dec-21
Week 4 : 05-Jan-22

Early Bird offer

Rs.15000 Rs. 10,000 + GST
and then you can mention
overall amount of Rs. 11,800/-