Impacted 100000 winners in the last 18 Yrs
Enough is Enough!
Dimaag Ki Bathi Jalao!
Take charge of your Life and Business


Align your Shakti
Ichcha, Jnana, Kriya and Manas

A 5 Day Intense program

Day – 1
Ichcha Shakti

Worried about your future –
Kholofy your dimaag and
become positive and
discover your strengths.

Day – 2
Jnana Shakti

Worried about your
finances? – Find solutions,
prepare realistic Cash
Flow Planning.

Day – 3
Kriya Shakti

Worried about increasing
your business? – Discover
the power of collaboration

Day – 4
Manas Shakti

Worried about fear of
failure? – Impove your
business by taking
bold decisions


Day – 5
Dimaag ki batti jalao

Working on the three building
blocks to take your business
to next level

Mr Ramalingam

Ensign Advisory Services Pvt Ltd

Mr Ranjith Kumar

L S Controls

Mr Ronak Surana

Fomra Housing

Mr Selvaraj

Soup Station

Ramkumarr Sheshu

Creating Enlightened Entrepreneurs through Antar Prerana

Ram is the Author of the Born to Win process, which is based on the Learnings from the Bhagvad Gita and the Upanishads. The program has impacted over 1,00,000 Entrepreneurs, Corporate Executives.
For 40 years he has implemented the philosophy of I Can, You Can and We Can.
He is now working to help empower and create 1 million Enlightened Entrepreneurs thru his signature program Enough is Enough- Dimag ki Batti Jalao- take charge of your life.


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